The Pearl Necklace

Timeless and sophisticated, the pearl necklace is a piece of jewellery that every woman needs. It is understated but conveys a sense of class and is the perfect accessory for work or for a night out. Pearl necklaces can be quite versatile so don’t be afraid to wear one with a more casual outfit – it will lend an air of elegance to your look.

The Delicate Choker
Nothing looks quite as feminine as a delicate chain and pendant nestling in the hollow of your throat. This necklace depicts innocence and sweetness and adds a touch of softness to any outfit. Small heart-shaped Tiffany pendants are ideal and you can find second hand Tiffany jewellery for a discount rates shop.

Statement Earrings
There are two rules to statement earrings: they must be big and they must be bold. These earrings have one job – to stand out – this allows you to keep the rest of your outfit simple and forego any other jewellery. Just remember to pull your hair back and let your glamorous jewels shine!

Hoop Earrings
Silver, gold, small, large… it doesn’t matter. Hoop earrings are a staple in any woman’s jewellery box. Hoops are super versatile and can be fun and flirty or sophisticated depending on the outfit you pair it with. You don’t have to stick with regular hoops either, these earrings come in different shapes and with embellishments allowing you to get as creative as you want. For more info about pre owned burberry bags for sale, visit

Tiffany & Co.
So it’s not a specific type of jewellery but every woman should have a little blue box to call her own. Of course a Tiffany engagement ring would be ideal but instead of waiting around for someone to propose, treat yourself to simple and elegant jewellery that is a fashion statement all on its own. If you need more incentive you can get pre owned Tiffany jewellery at a much lower cost!

You don’t need to be a jewellery aficionado to appreciate studs. A pair of studs are small and subtle but help to pull an outfit together without drawing too much attention. These earrings are perfect for everyday use and go well together with most outfits, casual or professional.

A locket
Girlish and whimsical, a locket is an essential accessory. There are several types of lockets so you are bound to find one that suits your sense of style. A traditional picture locket can be used to store sentimental photographs while a heart-shaped locket is more romantic