Graduating In Queensland – Essential Academic Dress Regulations

When it comes to graduation, one must not forget the importance of attire. All universities in the state of Queensland follow the regulations set by the senate. Thus, you are legally required to follow the rules of the university. In this case, it is important for you to be aware of the following details.

The hood

The hood is only worn by students who have completed a degree program. Thus, if you are getting a diploma, you will not be wearing a hood. The level of the degree is identified through the color of the hood. The hood is worn by individuals who graduate with a bachelors, masters or doctorate. Most hood are black in color. The difference is only shown through the linings and the silks used.

The gown

This is the most important part of your attire. All students who have completed a program, including degrees and diplomas, will get the opportunity to dress in the graduation apparel. The color of the dress will change according to the field of study and level obtained. For instance, UQ graduation gowns for holders of bachelor degrees are plain black. Wearing this for a long time can be really uncomfortable since you will sweat a lot.

Ceremony attire

It is important for you to remember what to wear underneath UQ graduation gowns too. You are required to wear smart attire since the ceremony is a formal function that occurs within the university premises. For instance, you are not allowed to wear t-shirts, shorts or hoodies. Do not think that what you wear on the inside does not matter since it can be seen when you remove the graduation gown. Although it might be your last day, remember that you are still a student of the university. Thus, you will be presenting its standard. Thus, wearing inappropriate or casual clothes is considered to be a serious offense.

The stoles and headwear

The stole of the attire is worn over the gown and underneath the hood if you already hold a degree. The material used is usually silk amongst many educational institutions. While usual graduates wear a black trencher with a tassel, only doctoral graduates are allowed to wear the black velvet bonnet. It is important for you to wear the headwear properly since it can slip off easily. So, make sure that you fix well before the ceremony starts.

If you have more than one degree, you should wear the dress that is suitable for the particular award. That is, you must wear the attire of the highest award that you have received.